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31 janvier 2009 6 31 /01 /janvier /2009 00:00

This series of fascinating tracks gives an insight into what it is like to carry out research on the remote, yet biologically important Galapagos Islands. Originally named the Enchanted Islands, the archipelago became famous following a visit by Charles Darwin on the voyage of HMS Beagle. Darwin wrote of the fabulous plants and animals he encountered there, and the wildlife is still little understood today. Scientists are shown finding ways to record the feeding and mating habits of iguanas and giant tortoises in an effort to preserve the species. People are barred from most of the islands, but tourism, development and the introduction of alien plant and animal species threatens the unique ecology. Massive efforts are being made to save the islands. Thousands of goats have been culled and invasive Red Quinine trees killed off with herbicide.

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